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The Toowoomba Regional Jobs Committee (TRJC) is delighted to present...

The Toowoomba Workforce Strategy which outlines the current jobs situation in Toowoomba and strategies to implement. It includes our shared vision for the future and our recommended approach to addressing the unique challenges in the Toowoomba Region with respect to unemployment rates and skills shortages.

The committee is working together to share knowledge, intellectual property and recent observations, in order to positively influence the employment space in Toowoomba.

In particular the TRJC will support initiatives to:

  • Train the right people for the right jobs
  • Help workers to take advantage of opportunities
  • Help lower unemployment levels – targeting key vulnerable groups (i.e. youth, migrants)
  • Help businesses to plan for their future workforce needs
  • Keep people in Toowoomba
  • Attract people to Toowoomba

Currently, unemployed and underemployed people of Toowoomba are reporting an apparent lack of quality jobs available to them locally, and at the same time businesses are reporting an inability to attract job applicants with the desired skills and experience. There is, therefore, seemingly an issue in enabling our workforce supply to meet our workforce demand.

The COVID19 pandemic has also impacted the Toowoomba jobs landscape substantially in 2020 and at the time of writing it is not clear how quickly our economy will recover and what will be the lasting impacts. This strategy is not specifically a COVID recovery strategy although there is an obvious overlap in strategic activities.

Thank you to the Queensland Government who has supported and funded the Toowoomba Regional Jobs Committee as a key initiative of the plan - Skills for Queensland – Great training and quality jobs.

Thank you also to the various industry representatives who contributed their knowledge, skills,

insight and passion for Toowoomba, its people and its future.

The Committee looks forward to continuing to work collaboratively with key stakeholders within our community and contributing to a thriving local economy.

Trudi Bartlett

Chair – Toowoomba Regional Jobs Committee